April 4, 2016


Hi gang, Just wanted to say Hello to everyone, we are currently in the boat yard getting ready for the season. I will keep you posted on our opening day... Can't wait to see everyone..

Capt. Ron

January 23, 2016

1-23-16 Saturday

Due to the N.E. storm we are not fishing and  also we are closing  our fishing  season until the coming spring.  We have some work projects we need to do on the boat..

We want to thank our  tog fishermen for fishing with us..
Overall we had a good  black fishing season..

January 18, 2016


We are not fishing tomorrow Tuesday, due to weather-winds

                                    Recently caught on the Capt. Cal


January 17, 2016


Our  morning stops had the most life with both keeper and shorts togs  in the mix. We moved and fished in  deeper water and had some action from black fish and cod. Our last move produced the most togs.. Also in the mix today were "ocean pout" which we threw back. Overall it was a  slower day of fishing...

                                    Recently caught on the Capt. Cal

January 16, 2016


The ocean was flat today, weather was decent, but the togs were finicky though out the day. Even the short togs  did  not want to  cooperate today. Our biggest fish today was 6 lbs. 8 oz. It was a slow pick throughout the day. Some of the group had 3-4 keepers others had less,  and some coolers were empty.. See you in the morning we leave at 7:30 am..

                                             Our 13lb 2 oz. tog caught 1-15-16

January 15, 2016


The first couple of stops  we had  action all around the rail, with both keepers and short togs coming over the rail. Later in the day fishing got slower, and it was a pick-pick    type of  fishing with some keepers  and  lots of shorts,  keeping you busy..
Our pool winner was a 8 lb. 9 oz. tog..  Some had their limits others had a few less, some had empty coolers.

The 13 lb. 2oz. tog caught 1-14-16

January 14, 2016


We had comfortable winds all day. Fishing was good, just ask Kevin Kelly from Long Island, he pulled over the rail, the pool winning black fish  weighing 13 lbs.  2 oz.
plus he also had an 8 lb. black fish and two other  keepers, others had their limit and some had a few less. See you in the morning we leave at 7:30 am.
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