December 5, 2016


Hey guys. We were out today with just a light crowd due to the rain this morning. Started the day out slow and made a couple wiggles. Tough side to roll today. We wound up catching some nice fish but not enough of them. Howard was our pool winner today with a 5lb. 4oz. Blackfish. Good people, good times, as usual on the Captain Cal. Tomorrow looks to be OK weather. We'll see you on the dock. Boats lit up by 5:00 AM. Coffee is always on. 7:30AM - 4:00 PM everyday! Sorry no pics today

December 4, 2016


Captain Ron was at it again. Hard NW in the morning made for tough fishing but we stuck with it and put together a good catch of fish. The wind dropped off in the afternoon and it got better. Nice day for December with a good catch of Blackfish all around the boat. CHARLIE was or pool winner today with a nice 8lb. 6oz. Blackfish. YOU GO CHARLIE!!! Tomorrow looks to be a nice day for Blackfishing so come on down and get some! We sail everyday from 7:30AM - 4:00PM. Coffee is always on. See you in the morning.

December 3, 2016


Hey guys. Today was a little tough compared to yesterday. We had two guys with limits and some other fish here and there around the boat. It was just tough conditions for the fishermen. With the wind blowing so hard the guys were having a hard time deciding whether they had a bite or if it was the wind. Howard DiCicco was our pool winner today with a 9lb. 10 oz. Blackfish to go with his limit. Runner up went 9lbs. 9 ozs.. Both of those fish were released to fight another day. Plenty of big fish around for the taking. Come on down and get some. We sail everyday from 7:30AM -4:00PM. Coffee is always on..

December 2, 2016


Captain Cal 2 Blackfish beat down December 2nd!

Plain and simple. Kick ass Blackfishing today. Early boat limit. Lots of nice fish up to 10lbs..

December 1, 2016


We will be fishing starting tomorrow, Friday  with better weather conditions. See you in the morning, we leave at 7:30 am..

November 29, 2016


Tomorrow's weather looks like rain so we'll see you Thursday if it gets better. We'll post tomorrow and let you know

November 28, 2016


Hey guys, tough conditions made for tough fishing today. Good thing we have tough fishermen. Everyone put fish on the table today. All in all not the best day. Charlie was our pool winner today with a 4.5 lb. Blackfish. Tomorrow's weather looks like hell so we'll see you Wednesday if it gets better. We'll post tomorrow and let you know
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