September 29, 2015

9-29-15, 9-30-15,

 According to the forecast, we will  not be fishing, for the next couple of days, we will be in dock.. If the weather gets revised we will update this  report...

September 28, 2015


Tomorrow looks  like a good possibility that we will be fishing.. See you in the morning

Blackfish- porgies- ling- triggerfish..  All day bottom fishing from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm.

September 27, 2015


Tough fishing conditions, tough ocean, tough N.E. winds kept us in dock, Tomorrow Monday we will stay in dock due to similar conditions. We will keep you posted..

Fluke season is over, we will be fishing for Blackfish- Porgies- Ling- Triggerfish.
All day bottom fishing 7:30 am to 3:30 pm. No reservations required..

September 26, 2015


Today Saturday  is the last day of fluke fishing. "Thank You" for  Fluke fishing with us during the season.
Tomorrow Sunday , we will be staying in dock, the N.E. winds are churning up the ocean.

 On Monday we will be Bottom Fishing all day from 7:30 am  to 3:30 pm for Blackfish-Porgies-Ling
and Triggerfish.  See you in the morning


September 25, 2015


 We did not go fishing today  due to the  heavy N.E. winds and snotty ocean. 

Tomorrow Saturday, is also going to be a bust, we will stay in port and not go fishing, due to the heavy N.E. winds, and churned up ocean.

"Saturday is the closing of Fluke fishing season", we had a decent fluke fishing season. Our biggest fluke for the season was over 12 lbs. "Thank You"  for Fluke fishing with us..

Starting Sunday: We will be all day Bottom Fishing ...."Blackfish- Porgies- Ling".. From 7:30  am to 3:30 pm..  We provide the bait.. Join us for a fun day...

September 24, 2015


The weather forecast is predicting heavy winds, tomorrow Friday, we will stay in dock. No fishing tomorrow. See you Saturday..

September 23, 2015


Yes, we will be fishing tomorrow, the winds are subsiding, see you in the morning.  Fluke season is coming to an end, and the fluke are still out there waiting to be put in your cooler.. See you in the morning..
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