August 30, 2015


We headed  northeast, this morning and fished in deeper water.  We had quality fluke come over the rail in the 5 lb. to 7 lb. range. We also had action from the short fluke, some of the group had four keepers, others had 2-3  some had short fluke  only..
Bob from Philadelphia took the pool with his 7 lb. 14 oz. fluke, he also had  several fluke in the 4-5 lb. size. When the drift improved so did the fishing. Overall it was a day of quality fluke coming over the rail..

August 29, 2015


We  pulled aboard a "Flukeasauras "  weighing 11 lbs.  11 oz.  .
 The morning started out with a slow drift , the action slowed down with only several keepers coming over the rail.  We moved around and fished over some wrecks, and caught some  nice keepers,  as the drift picked up  so did the action with the keepers and short fluke coming over the rail.. We also had a nice 7 lb. 4 oz. fluke come over the rail.

                                     "Flukeasauras" 11 lbs. 11 oz.  -- Rob Hrbek

August 28, 2015


We been having good fishing weather, the weekend is looking good. The morning was a little slower, we then moved and headed east and the fluke fishing picked up, we had plenty of life, with some nice keepers coming over the rail, some of the spots were  a pick- pick , we then headed north and we pulled  over the rail a  some more keeper fluke. Brian from  Philadelphia , had four nice keepers up to  5 lbs. 10 oz. others had a couple keepers each, and some had shorts only.. See you in the morning, we leave at 7:30 am..

August 27, 2015


This morning we saw an improvement in fishing, we had keepers just about on every drift and we can't forget the action we were also getting from the short fluke which are getting larger, some drifts produced more keepers then others, the afternoon slowed down, we moved around into deeper water, and  picked up more action later in the afternoon, we gave the group more fishing time  because  of the bite. Darrell Hopper was the pool winner with his 8 lb. 8 oz. fluke and we also pulled over the rail a 6 lb. 14 oz. fluke.  See you in the morning, we leave at 7:30 am..

                                           Recently caught on the Capt. Cal

August 26, 2015


Another nice day to be fishing. this morning we had a nice drift and an improvement in fluke fishing. It was good to see the short and keeper fluke come over the rail. We caught some fluke that we just  a 1/2 inch short. We were fairly busy this morning.   K. Williams took the pool with a 6 lb. 10 oz. fluke"nice going".. the afternoon the action slowed down with a slower drift, it was  pick -pick  a keeper  as we moved around. Overall it was a decent improvement in fishing.. Join us tomorrow, we leave at 7:30 am.
                                               Recently caught on the Capt. Cal

August 25, 2015


Beautiful day on the water, the fishing action today was a little slow, even the short fluke were not hungry today. We moved around , fished different depths some areas  were barren with no action, other moves we were able to bring aboard some keepers, the pool winner was 5 lb. 2 oz.  The fluke are still  out there waiting to jump on your hook, join us in the morning, we leave at 7:30 am

                                                    Recently caught on the Capt. Cal
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