October 24, 2014

Friday report

The weather was better today, we had a nice NW wind  but a SE tide. We moved around today, we fished in 60 to 85 feet of water and over various structures. The trigger fish got active today, also the short sea bass,  the high hook was 12 keeper sea bass.  What we did not catch today we will catch tomorrow. See you in the morning.. We leave at 7:30am..
You can drive your car behind our boat we will help  you unload your gear then you can go and park your car.
Don't miss any of the world series or football scores, we have digital hd television
aboard, you can  check the scores in between drops.

October 23, 2014


YES, we are fishing tomorrow--Friday.. See you in the morning..

October 22, 2014


Fishing on Thursday is cancelled due to weather. We will be fishing on Friday.

Just a reminder:
You do not have to stay home to watch the  World Series, or the football games, we have a Digital,
HD, TV aboard,  you can keep up with your favorite teams and scores between drops...

October 21, 2014

Tuesday Sea Bass

We caught the sea bass again today, a good day of bass fishing, sorry you missed another active day of fishing. Loads of action  today even the short bass kept you busy, as a bonus today  trigger fish, along with porgies went into your cooler, the rods were bending with double and triple headers on your rod.. Some of the group had their limits, others had 8-12 keepers. Overall every  one went home with fish to put in their freezers. "A good day of fishing "  .....
                  Tomorrow, Wednesday will not go fishing, due to weather conditions.

October 20, 2014

Monday Sea Bass-- Good Day

This report is going to be "short and sweet"...Sorry you missed a good day of fishing, The morning started out a little slow, but later the action started, at  different stops, and depths.. The water temperature was 63 degrees. Overall many of the group aboard went home with their "limit of sea bass", there was   lot's of action with doubles and triples on the rod, not only with sea bass but also with big porgies.  The bottom line is, that "everyone went home with fish in their cooler"..
Join us tomorrow the  sea bass and jumbo porgies waiting for you..

October 19, 2014

Sunday Sea Bass

Nice  sunny day today, but at times a little breezy. Sea bass fishing was better today, we had a nice crowd aboard, as I just mentioned  the fish were more cooperative.
I would say that some of the group had their  limit of sea bass some had less ,and everyone went home with sea bass in their cooler. There are more sea bass out there, join us tomorrow, for a fun day, we leave at 7:30 am.
You can drive your car behind our boat we will help you unload your gear then you can go and park your car....

October 18, 2014

Saturday " sea bass day"

Finally, the long awaited "opening day for sea bass",we were ready for them, with the
clams ,hooks, sinkers. Overall it was a slower day then we excepted, high hook was
8-9 sea  bass some had 4-5  others had 2-3, there was also,  good action from the short  sea bass. The bass we did not catch today we will catch tomorrow,  they are waiting for us.  See you in the morning we leave at 7: 30  am
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