November 29, 2015


Today was a decent day of fishing, limits were had, some had a few less, everyone went home with togs in their cooler... See you in the morning, we leave at 7:30 am.

November 28, 2015


The black fish were chewing today, we had  larger  quality fish  in the 4 to 6 lb. size  come  over the rail, the morning started  out with  with lots of activity. It turned out to be a decent  day of fishing.  Limits were had by some of the group, and everyone went home with fish in their cooler..
See you in the morning, we leave at 7:30 am.
You can drive your car behind our boat, we will help you unload you  gear, then you can go and park your car

November 27, 2015


The morning started out with nice quality black fish in the 4 lb, size coming over the rail around the boat, Our second stop, was not as productive ,later in the afternoon fishing got active again ,  with togs coming over the rail. Limits were had by the group, others had a few less. Overall a fun day

November 26, 2015



We  had nice fishing weather. The morning started out with a pick- pick at the togs.
This morning we had a right East wind with  a strong  N.W. tide and you required a 12 oz. sinker to hold bottom ..We moved around fishing got better at some of the spots.
 Overall, some of the group had their limit of togs, others had 3-4 togs ,some had
1-2,   some had empty coolers ..
Overall it was a fun day...

November 25, 2015


The togs  were a little finicky today you had to work at it, to bring the togs over the rail,   some of  the group had 3-4 togs  had 1-2 , both the green and white leggers crabs,
were effective.
  See you tomorrow, for our traditional day of fishing on Thanksgiving Day , we leave at 7:00 am return at 1:30 pm   Join us for a  fun day..

November 24, 2015


It was a nice day on the water today, fishing was decent,  some of the group had their limit of togs, others had  3-4 fish some 1-2,  It was a  pick -pick of togs at some spots.
At some locations, the togs would just bump- bump the bait,  those that reacted too fast lost the fish. White leggers  crabs worked the best today.. See you in the morning

Don't forget Thanksgiving Day, fishing from 7:00 am to 1:30 pm, join us for a fun day...


We had a good day of black fishing, every one had togs in their cooler See you tomorrow  ,we leave at 7:30 am.  We have green and white leggers crabs aboard..
Don't forget our Thanksgiving  Day trip, we leave at 7:00 am and return at 1:30 pm.
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